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About The Nightlight

Brought to you by brother-and-sister team Joel Johnson—from Consumerist, Gizmodo, and The Sweethome—and Rachel Fracassa, mother-of-four and doula, with contributors from Parenting, Babytalk and more, The NightLight takes the hand-wringing out of buying baby gear, with in-depth reporting and research that determines the single best product that parents should buy.

As a parent of a young child, you’re plenty busy already. The NightLight‘s team of writers and researchers will help you pick the best strollers, carriers, bottles, diapers, car seats, monitors, breast pumps, and—yup—nightlights. We spend between 20 and 40 hours researching and testing on average for each guide, and in ongoing review to make sure our recommendations are always correct.

Our philosophy

It’s pretty simple: we think most baby gear is unnecessary at best and downright useless at worst. You don’t need a bunch of special equipment to raise a happy, healthy baby. We do our best to research and recommend the best baby products out there, because we want to save you time and stress. And we’re adding new guides all the time, because that’s what we do! But if you read one of our guides and find yourself thinking Do I really need that? then you’re probably on the right track. Don’t feel like you need to buy every last thing we recommend.

How to Support The Nightlight

You can support our work by simply reading and buying the products we have chosen through the links on our guide pages.

Each of our pieces has many hours of work put into them—usually 10x what goes into a typical review on many baby blogs and magazines. If we recommend good products, our work is supported through a small kickback from the retailer when you make a purchase. But if we pick junk and you return it, we make nothing. We think that’s a fair system.

You’ll notice we usually link to Amazon for making a recommended purchase. Because of the convenience of Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping and Amazon’s great customer service, we think it’s among the most trusted ways to shop online. However, if we find a better price from a trusted retailer besides Amazon, we use them as the primary purchase link instead—even if we don’t garner an affiliate fee.

As editors, we have used Amazon’s Prime service and its flat rate two day shipping and the included video streaming service for over a decade. If you’re interested in supporting our work and trying out Prime, which usually costs $100 a year, you can sample it with a free 30-day trial.

Are you part of The Wirecutter?

Nope! But we’re long-time collaborators with Brian Lam and his team of excellent reviewers, both on The Wirecutter and other ventures. We even share content and resources from time to time. While we’re not officially affiliated or the same company, it is safe to say that The Nightlight would not exist without the inspiration and assistance of Brian and his team. If you’re shopping for electronics or household goods, we can’t recommend them enough.

How can I know when you update?

We’re available on the usual electronic vectors! You can follow us on Twitter @babies or sign up for our mailing list below. We don’t have our Facebook game together yet, but we will soon.

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