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Halloween is our favorite time of the year here at the Nightlight. In hopes that you won’t be upset with us for recommending costumes before the end of August, we’ve written this article with pop culture references and the punniest of puns. 

Halloween Costumes - Baby's First HalloweenLITTLE MONSTER

There’s nothing scary about this adorable costume. Your little monster will be kept warm while looking so fluffy and cute.


We think this costume is anything but Dinky. Though it may not breathe fire like Daenerys’ Drogon, we love this adorable costume (and potential family cosplay).

There’s also this more realistic dragon costume for infants and toddlers that has more of a Jurassic Park feel.


We think this costume is such a Hoot! The neutral colors make it great for girls or boys. 


Who would have gnome they make such cute costumes for kids! We are obsessed with the eyebrows on this thing.


If you shoot for the moon, your little one will surely land among the stars in this adorable (and functional) Astronaut onesie! Buzz Aldrin has nothing on your little space explorer.


Maybe it’s because we’ve recently been to Ireland that we’re obsessed with Viking history, but who could possibly resist that beard! Nothing barbaric here except the level of awesomeness you child has officially achieved.


We’re taking it Under the Sea with this adorable crab costume. It would make for a great family collaboration. Perhaps Ariel and Prince Eric will join in on the costume fun?


We have a huge Crush on this little Squirt (Finding Nemo references for the win). If you’re looking for a more traditional color, we found this adorable Sea Turtle costume as well.


I had a good pun for this costume three seconds ago, but it has seemed to have slipped my mind. HA! We crack ourselves up.


We’re Puttin’ on the Ritz with this adorable penguin suit. Your little one will surely waddle their way into people’s hearts this Halloween.


We’re not monkeying around when we say add two bananas to this costume, and you have one memorable family Halloween portrait.


I honestly don’t have a pun or a popular culture reference for this one, I just really love elephants. They’re ridiculously smart, act as an impenetrable family unit, and their babies are just about the cutest things to walk the planet (besides your infant, of course).


What are some of your favorite infant and toddler costumes? We love seeing how creative parents can get when it comes to Halloween. Send some images our way for your chance to be FEATURED on The Nightlight Facebook Page.

If you’re in search of further Halloween inspiration, we’re curating a board of some of our favorite Pinterest finds. We would love to see some of yours!

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