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The Diaper Bag is a staple in every parents’ day to day routine. Life seems to become even more on-the-go once baby arrives, which is why it’s important to set yourself, and your day, up for success. We have already written our in-depth review of why the JuJuBe BFF Convertible Bag is the Best Diaper Bag for parents. Now we’re reviewing the essentials you need for different stages of baby’s growth.

Diaper Bag EssentialsDIAPERS

While we recognize this one is a no-brainer, sometimes mommy-brain makes remembering essentials like this a challenge.

Our Nightlight Consultants’ rule of thumb is two diapers per hour you plan on being on the go; particularly within the first six months. We also recommend storing extra diapers in your vehicle, just in case! You never know when the next blow-out may strike.


The Clutch N Clean by Huggies with Natural Clean Refills is an affordable option for on-the-go moms. There’s no dilemma worse than dried out wipes in a blow-out scenario, so retaining moisture with the promise of portability is crucial.


Fortunately for budget conscious parents, most diaper bags feature a changing pad as an included accessory. Though they get brownie points for color coordination, their overall structure leaves something to be desired.

Our Baby Registry Consultants love the Pronto Portable Changing Station by Skip Hop because it has a removable storage pouch.


Though there are DOZENS of diaper rash ointments in the marketplace, we still favor Boudreaux’s Butt Paste in Maximum Strength. With 40% Zinc Oxide, it packs a double punch to fight, heal, and soothe even the most intense diaper rashes.

Carrying a bottle of travel sized baby powder is also an awesome addition to any diaper bag. Not only is it great for diaper changes, but it helps get the sand off of even the stickiest skin.

Depending on seasonal needs, we always recommend bringing some sunscreen. Thinkbaby Sunscreen in 50+ SPF is gentle enough for baby’s skin, strong enough to use on your own, and a great addition to your diaper bag should you be outdoors for an extended period of time.

If you’d like more information on how to care for baby’s delicate skin, WebMD has a great article outlining 7 Tips for Baby Skin Care.


One of the smaller accessories on our diaper bag must-haves list is a disposable diaper bag dispenser. These handy single-use sacks are great for isolating messes, disposing of dirty diapers, and also securing soiled clothes in case of a diaper malfunction. The Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser easily clips to the handle of your diaper bag for immediate access. The Munchkin refill packs come in a gorgeous lavender or lemon scent, making it surprisingly pleasant for the senses. Added bonus if you have pets, as these can also be used to dispose of pet waste!

If you are one of our earth-conscious mamas, a great biodegradable alternative is by Pogi’s Pet Supplies. It’s an identical concept, but branded specifically for pets.


Terry cloth bibs are a thing of the past. Though they are the tried and true option for baby bibs, we are so excited about the adorable direction the industry is going. Drooling and teething bandana bibs are both practical and precious! The adorable prints and adjustable fit make them a lasting addition to baby’s wardrobe and your diaper bag.


These are hands down our favorite multi-use blankets. Not only are they great for swaddling your little one, but they can be used in many scenarios while you’re on the go. From a car seat or breastfeeding cover to burp cloths, these super soft, extra large blankets can and will adapt to any scenario you find yourself in. Aiden + Anais also offers an array of high quality, long lasting bibs, crib sheets, and blankets.


We’ve already explained why the Avent Soothie is our favorite pacifier, but our pick for Diaper Bag Essential is hands down the Wubbanub. We love that you don’t need to remember a clip to keep the pacifier in sight. The weighted body means it stays in place, even if your baby rejects their binky.


Though Sophie the Giraffe has been the leading contender in the teething toy arena, we are so excited to have found a much more affordable and equally effective alternative.

The Ellie Elephant Teether by Safety 1st in collaboration with Mombella is our new favorite find! It is great for tiny hands, promotes motor skill development, soothes aching gums and is both dishwasher and freezer safe. Admittedly, it’s not as cute as Sophie, but based on the reviews, it’s a hit with babies and parents!


Ask any experienced parent and they will tell you an extra outfit is a requirement in any diaper bag. Not only are blow outs a looming threat, but so is any of the other unexpected projectile fluids your little one will surely introduce you to. Pack the outfit and an extra pair of socks in a ziplock bag and swap them for the newly soiled clothes.

We don’t include infant apparel in our reviews, but we couldn’t help include this adorable “The Snuggle is Real” Carter’s 3pc Neutral Set because it perfectly highlights the differences in priorities between newborns and adults. The snuggle/struggle is very, very real.


Diaper Bag Essentials - Car Seat Canopy CoverWe are head over heels in love with the trend of Car Seat Cocoons (also known as canopies)! These jersey soft, stretchable fabric loops cocoon your infant car seat protecting them from the elements.

We love their multi-function as they can be used as a nursing cover, shopping cart or high chair liner, and eventually when baby outgrows their car seat, an infinity scarf.

There are so many wonderful designs, fabrics, and companies to choose from, but we love the canopy pictured left as it provides several high-quality patterns.


No matter what you decide to include in your diaper bag, it’s important to choose what works best for you, your family, your lifestyle, and most importantly, your baby. Each internal and external pocket is precious space, so use it wisely! Be strategic. Shuffle things around until you find the perfect arrangement. Having a well-packed diaper bag will help make your day run a little smoother by keeping everything you may need on hand for when you’re in a pinch.

If you’re looking to take your diaper bag beyond the newborn and infant phases, one of our favorite mommy bloggers, Shannon of Mom Without Labels, has written a great article about what she packs in her toddler diaper bag. You can read her article along with other valuable toddler resources here.

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