Product Spotlight: Flipsi Bottle

In this month’s Small Business Spotlight, we take a look at Flipsi Bottle of Ann Arbor, MI. Their unique design and bottle flexibility is an ideal solution for babies experiencing gassiness and colic.

Bottle feeding is one of the most challenging transitions during infancy. We acknowledge not every bottle system is an effective solution for every feeding scenario. If you’d like to see additional recommendations including the Flipsi Bottle, please visit our Best Baby Bottles review page.

Before I get to the review, I would like to introduce Flipsi and their mission.

Flipsi is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and was founded to create reusable bottles that meld perfectly with its customers’ lifestyles while ensuring its bottles are safe, attractive, easy to use, and effortless to clean.

Their most unique/loved features include air removal prior to feeding to prevent gassy bellies and a natural nipple shape to ease the transition between breast and bottle feeding. Their bottles also use vent-less air equalization to minimize milk oxidation which can degrade the nutrients.

Reading about Flipsi and knowing the complexity of bottle feeding, I was excited to see them in person and compare them to what I know about other anti-colic bottle systems. Though Philips Avent, Playtex, and Dr. Browns have a strong reputation with parents, I don’t think they are the universal solutions to every bottle feeding situation.

Flipsi is unique because it uses a flexible silicone body which, when squeezed, expels air prior to bottle feeding. The silicone has a thick base making it stable on any flat surface. It also flips inside out for ease of cleaning which is huge for us since most anit-colic systems are notorious for having multiple hard to clean parts.

There are five pieces to each Flipsi bottle:

  • Silicone bottle liner
  • Plastic body casing
  • Slow flow nipple (included)
  • Air-tight collar
  • Bottle cap

Small Business Spotlight - Flipsi Bottle NipplesWe love the shape of the nipple as it resembles the natural shape of a breast. This will help with both intermittent bottle use as well as making a full and successful transition from breast to bottle feeding. Though standard bottle shapes have been the norm, I’ve found wide neck bottles are better in helping avoid nipple confusion. Flipsi certainly delivers in their design!

On both the Flipsi website and their Amazon Seller’s page, you can purchase additional bottle nipples (medium flow, fast flow, and Y Cut).

Another feature I love is knowing these bottles are certified BPA, BPS, phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, PVC, and PET free. The entire system is also latex free which is great for the development of any potential allergies. I would also like to point out this system is microwave, dish washer, and freezer safe making it a versatile solution for the complexity of bottle feeding.

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