NoseFrida by FridaBaby: Still the Best Nasal Aspirator

Nasal aspirators have long been a staple in infant care regimens, especially when caring for a sick baby. Though the classic bulb aspirator may be a standard gift at a baby shower or when coming home from the hospital, is it really the best option out there? (Hint: the answer is a resounding no.)

The NoseFrida by FridaBaby is a redesign of the traditional nasal aspirator taking the internet by storm. With almost 9000 reviews and a 4.5 rating on Amazon, we’re certain you will love it as much as the next parent. Though the concept is intimidating at first, we promise this investment doesn’t suck!

The reason a nasal aspirator is important, particularly when caring for newborns, is because babies don’t know how to breathe from their mouths until they are several months old. That means their tiny nasal passages are their only source of oxygen. If their airways get clogged, even a little bit, you’ll be dealing with the worst version of your precious little angel. And for a valid reason! Imagine your worst cold, but no means of mouth breathing. I think we would be screaming and crying out of frustration, too!

Enter the nasal aspirator. Since a baby can’t blow their nose when they’re sick, the only other option is to suck out the gunk. Rubber bulb aspirators have been a staple in maintaining the health and wellness of families for decades (the device was invented in the 1930’s). It’s no wonder the tried and true mechanism was the default boogie solution.

For me personally, a rubber nasal aspirator never really did the trick. It was uncomfortable for both me and baby to use, I could never get it as clean as the day it came out of the package, and it was never 100% effective (more like 40% and that’s being generous). With there being no redesign of nasal aspirators, I assumed I would be recommending these subpar rubber bulbs to new parents for the rest of eternity.

It was 2012 when I was first introduced to the NoseFrida. I’ll be the first to admit, the thought of sucking a child’s snot from their nose with the force of my own mouth was appalling. I believe my actual words were, “You expect me to do what with my mouth?!” But after several uses on both fussy newborns and squirmy toddlers, the NoseFrida is the invention every busy parent deserves. In fact, it has become a staple in my gift giving to expectant parents.

Compared to the bulb syringes, the NoseFrida doesn’t actually enter the nasal cavity. It rests gently on the nostril, creating a seal for maximum suction. And you’re not actually inhaling snot, we promise! A blue disposable filter stands between you and your babe, preventing any boogers from getting into the mouth tube. Simply dispose of the filter, wash the snot chamber in warm soapy water, dry thoroughly, install a new filter, reassemble (listen for the click), and you’re off to conquer more snot monsters!

I think that’s another reason I love the NoseFrida so much. You can actually see the snot, or lack thereof, which means total germ control. I haven’t personally cut into a generic bulb aspirator, but I imagine it’s a cesspool for residual mucus and potential mold. Yes, there are effective ways of cleaning one of these rubber booger suckers, but there’s something about not being able to see whether or not there is left over snot (see what I did there?) that leaves me feeling uneasy.

If your rebuttal is that they make bulb aspirators that come apart now, I’m going to remain firmly in favor of the NoseFrida because of its design. Specifically, the other reason I loathe the generic bulbs is how long and narrow the tube of the aspirator is. Yes, babies have small nostrils, but I’ve always felt uneasy shoving a tip up their delicate nasal cavity. Add to that the ineffectiveness of the suction, I find them to be weak at best.

While the idea of the NoseFrida made me uncomfortable at first, what’s even more uncomfortable is a baby screaming at all hours of the night because they’re unable to breathe. I also guarantee sucking the snot out of your child’s nose will be one of the least disgusting things you do as a parent. It’s also a lot easier to use than you think! Just watch this video shared by The Soft Landing making booger extraction on a wriggly toddler look oh-so-effortless.

As a parting note, we want to encourage the use of a saline spray to loosen those boogies and the purchase of additional filters to have on hand if you haven’t done so already! Better yet, why don’t you grab the entire gift set with filters and saline spray and call it a win in the war against boogers. Your baby and your sanity will thank you!

If you’d like to read a more in-depth breakdown of nasal aspirators beyond the NoseFrida, you can read more on our guide about the Best Baby Nasal Aspirator.

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