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Baby Gate Guru

When we founded Baby Gate Guru in 2015, we did so with the intention of helping to meet the needs of consumers in the niche yet very popular space of safety gates.

A safety gate is an item that many, many households have a need for. And as a result, there are many different varieties of gates, each with their own advantages and disadvantages for different use cases. Some gates work great when you have pets, some are certified for keeping babies safe around staircases or fireplaces, some can serve as playpens. Some require screwing holes into your walls, some don’t. On and on. There’s a lot of factors, and a lot to know.

At Baby Gate Guru, we aim to distill that information for consumers so they can make quicker informed decisions about specific gate models, while also finding ways that we can make the gate-owning experience better. If there’s a use case that we think could be made better using an accessory that’s missing from the market, we like to make the effort to provide it.

Baby Gate Guru Wall Protector and Spindle Rod

In 2016, we released the Baby Gate Guru Wall Protector set, which is designed to prevent damage to your walls that pressure mounted baby gates can cause.

Pressure mounted gates don’t require screwing into your wall, but instead are held in place by metal bolts (spindle rods) that push into the wall, tighter and tighter until the gate is secure. After months or years of jostling the gate or frequent relocation of the gate, this can often cause annoying damage to the wall from paint scrapes to actual dents or holes in the drywall.

The Baby Gate Guru Wall Protector spreads out the pressure from the gate over a wider surface area, so it’s not all concentrated in one point on your wall, and provides a further layer of cushion to protect the wall. It’s very easy to use, comes in both white and bronze to match your gate and home decor, and is a cheap yet useful accessory for your pressure mounted gate.

Baby Gate Guru Spindle Rod Replacement SetIn 2018, we released our latest product, the Baby Gate Guru Extra Long Spindle Rods replacement set, after (1) realizing just how many gates come with subpar spindle rods, and (2) hearing from consumers about how often spindle rods are lost after moving or gate storage, and how difficult it is finding a replacement set.

It shouldn’t be that difficult! we thought. Why should consumers in this

particular dilemma need to buy an entirely new gate when all they need is spare parts? So we set out to make the best replacement set of spindle rods we could. We gave them cushioned ends to avoid damage to walls, produced them in elegant color options to match gates, and made them extra long so that they could fit securely in a greater variety of spaces in the home.

In fact, our spindle rods add an extra 3.1 inches of reach to a pressure mounted gate when compared to most standard spindle rods, while our wall protectors add an extra 1.25 inches of reach. The end result is over 4 inches of potential extra reach to your gate when used in combination, providing potential opportunities to use your gate securely in more areas of your home.

At Baby Gate Guru, we’ve tried to listen to the needs of parents and other safety gate consumers and provide affordable solutions to them, and we will continue to do so. Do you have a need that needs addressing? Let us know!

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