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Even though winter has set in, there’s much to look forward to in the world of baby gear. Here we highlight new products and preview our upcoming guides. An entire month has passed in this, the new year of 2016. Our team has compiled the best new and upcoming products that are about to hit the market. We haven’t had the chance to fully test the products on this list, so these aren’t recommendations, just intriguing new products that may end up in future guides.


BabyZen YoYo+

Hailed by the Wall Street Journal a “super travel stroller”, the YoYo gains something new for 2016: a plus sign. The YoYo has been given a light but welcome refresh, with a larger basket, the ability to fit a car seat (adapters sold separately) and a new rear-facing bassinet add-on. The release date for the stroller and adapters (which are not backwards compatible with original YoYo strollers) will be February 1st. Expect the YoYo+ to run $495, a $25 dollar increase over last year’s price. The car seat adapters will fit Cybex Aton 2/Q infant seats, and the adapter set will cost $50. Indeed it’s pricey, but for those who travel a lot with their baby, the ability to stow away your stroller in the overhead bin is an incredibly valuable feature, not found many places in the stroller world.

Evenflo SafeMax All-in-One Car Seat

pTRU1-21959888dtEvenflo has teamed up with Babies ‘R’ Us to release their all-new SafeMax car seat. A convertible seat that can fit a child from 5 to 120 pounds, which has also been “rollover tested”. This new test hasn’t (at least not publicly) been performed on any other seat on the market. Before we get too carried away, let’s make one thing clear, marketing is the basis for which companies shape the image of the products. A recent Kids Today Online Article provided the following insight about the seat,” The combined marketing muscle of Babies ‘R’ Us and Evenflo could have a significant impact on the perception of parents shopping for car seats and help shape key discussion points around the category in the coming year.” Whether or not this seat is for you, it will no doubt alter the dialog surrounding car seat safety. It’s important though to remember that the best seat is the one that fits your child, your car and your budget.

2016 Clek Fllo/Foonf

foonf-best-in-classThe wait is over for the 2016 Clek Lineup. The Foonf and Fllo have both been updated with redesigned lock-offs for easier installation and a new layer of foam padding beneath the fabric. This was consistently the one knock that parents had against these great seats. Even with these new additions, the seats will maintain last year’s pricing, at $449 for the Foonf and $379 for the Fllo. That said, due to limited stock and tight availability on the new seats, some retailers are selling these seats for up to $50 higher than retail. If you need something today (and don’t care about the new features) the 2015 Foonf and Fllo are also available for as much as 15 percent off original retail prices.

Boon Forb

Also new for 2016, the Boon Forb Bottle Brush is a game-changing clean-up tool. What makes it so special? Instead of using traditional bristles for cleaning, the Forb has durable silicone “petals” which clean better, without scratching your bottles. On top of that, the rear-end of the brush has a specially designed tip for cleaning bottle nipples. Retail is $10, available now!

What’s next on The Nightlight ?

Even though the weather has brought the entire eastern seaboard to a standstill, The Nightlight soldiers on! Our team is researching and writing new guides on Bathubs, disposable diapers, nasal aspirators, bottle warmers, and baby carriers just to name a few. Check back next month for a fresh take on outdoor gear, with new reviews on hiking backpacks, bike seats and more!

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